Sunday, 30 October 2011

The first hundred years

Weekend musings

It was one of those weeks. Nothing was enough and everything was too much.

I am a teacher (only part time this year thank goodness). It is mid-term. I have tons of papers to grade and lessons to plan.

My two teenager daughters are on the adolescent emotional roller coaster, but they are not riding in the same car! I am very lucky that they confide in me, but I realize that they bounce back much faster than I do, i.e.  I worry!

No time to knit and Christmas on Etsy starts on November 1st!

No time to blog which I have only just begun.

Trying to follow blogs, Facebook and Twitter and Etsy teams and EtsyLush and...

Then on Friday p.m. the dishwasher broke in mid cycle, water flowing everywhere and a dishwasher full of dishes to wash by hand. That was the proverbial straw!

Full of self doubt and ready to throw in the towel, I heard my father's voice,

"Don't quit now kid, it's the first hundred years that are the hardest!" And I laughed!

My husband arrived. We had a nice supper with two of the four kids, almost no fighting. My husband made a fire. We had some wine and I knit. After about a half and hour I felt much better and was no longer ready to throw in the towel!

The most amazing part of this seemingly banal experience (crying because your dishwasher is broken is quite pathetic!) is that when our parents are gone, as both of mine are, what we miss the most is their support. And yet, there he was on a Friday night after a lousy week, telling me not to give up. I guess it is true that as long as we have our memories, our loved ones live on.

So I begin a new week on a positive note. If you ever feel like pulling the plug on the computer, remember the words of a wonderful and wise man:

Don't give up. The first hundred years are the hardest!


Sher said...

Teenage girls! We always say that somewhere between 13 and 16 the aliens come and invade their bodies then they bring them back to us by about 18. That is when we finally can recognize them again as our own. Love daughters! Especially mine, who's 26 now.

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