Monday, 5 March 2012

Let's talk blankets

Our knit-a-squillion challenge is in full swing and I couldn't be happier! Seven wonderful women have joined us since my last update.

Helen from Georgia who has already sent me these 9 beautiful squares! Thank you Helen!!

 Beth from Missouri
Dara from New York
Jessica from Michigan
Carol from Georgia
Cathy from Ohio
Maggie from Chicago

Welcome and thank you to all of you from me and Knit-a-Square!!

Sophie, one of my daughter Cathy's friends from college has found a real passion for knitting squares. She has already given me four, and this week Cathy brought home four more! Thanks so much Sophie!

Many of these people are also spreading the KAS word through family and community groups. This really is the next most important thing to making squares. There are more than enough of us in the world to warm these children! If you haven't liked the Facebook page yet, please hop over and do so! This is their gorgeous new landing page photo!

This is why I feel compelled to talk about blankets today. When promoting Knit-a-Square, we are often asked, "Why do they need blankets?" One reason, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is that it can get very cold in South Africa.  The second seems quite obvious.  Would you ever - no matter how much you might enjoy rugged, extreme camping - would you ever sleep without a blanket?

Everyone needs a covering to sleep well, but blankets are more than that. Think back to your childhood. Was there an object that you absolutley had to have in order to sleep? Even for the most loved, most secure children who grow up in warm homes, who lack nothing, security objects are essential for their development.

These are my children's security objects. I lost many hours of my life searching for them, but gained many hours of peace and sleep once they were found! The yellow blanket(well it was yellow!) is in my son's closet, but the three others are still slept with. I was glared at and interogated by the kids as I took their things from their rooms to photograph. "Where are you going with that? Well hurry up and bring it back!"

22 year old blankie!
Our 20 year old wasn't a blankie girl. This bear replaced her bunny that was tragically lost in a Home Depot when she was 5.
17 year old blankie!
12 year old blankie!

The blankets we are helping to make will not just keep the orphans warm. These blankets will help them develop a sense of self, a sense of security. They will provide comfort and solace in a reality that must be cruel beyond our imaginings. These blankets will, I hope, stay with these children as they grow to remind them that they are loved and that they are not alone.

This weeks totals:
55 squares
5 hats


Sonya Kanelstrand said...

We are moving forward, aren't we! I think that your goal of 500 by June will be achieved much sooner! Excited! Mostly because so many people from around the world work together for a selfless cause! Thank you so much for leading us into this amazing challenge, Laurie!

Laurie Fortier said...

Thank you Sonya! I am just so glad that so many people have joined us. This is so easy to do and yet makes such a big difference!

Fellowship By Design said...

This is such a beautiful post Laurie, I really love it!
BTW, I would love to connect with the ladies from GA, if they are anywhere near my area, we might be able to get together and have a knit/crochet for KAS day. Then we can forward them to you for your challenge. Are you still offering a discount on yarn, when we send you some squares??
Awesome job reaching out Laurie, I'm just so tickled to see the response!
Mary Anne

Melinda said...

I'm so happy to hear that the squares are accumulating!! :) I don't personally remember ever having a blanket or stuffed animal as my own 'safety blanket', but my girls have all had something, in one form or another! I love the photos of your kids blankets, I can't believe they're still hanging around after 22 years... :)

Laurie Fortier said...

Hi Melinda, I know it's amazing how attached they get!

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!! Your squares arrived yesterday. They are so beautiufl! My daughter Cathy who just started to knit took one look at them and said, "I have to learn to crochet!" It was off to YouTube and she has made two squares! Unreal!

Please thank your girls and your Mom for me! I'll be putting up the pics next week!

Hugs, Laurie

Laurie Fortier said...

That is fantastic Lynette! Thank you so much! I hope Alfie doesn't feel too neglected! :)

Taylor Lynn said...

Wow, that's fantastic, Laurie! Fifty-five squares is a huge deal! :) And you make a really good point; I'm sure that the blankets will be a huge comfort to these kids. (And by the way, I love that photo...they're all such cuties! <3)

Also it was such fun to see your kids' security blankets/toys. :) Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Fortier said...

Thanks so much Taylor! Your family's squares will be up tomorrow. They are just beautiful!

Taylor Lynn said...

You're welcome - and thank you, I'm glad you think so! <3 Hugs!

AsSnugAsABug said...

I love those old blankies! Well loved indeed. You are so right that this is about warmth, yes, but so much more than that for these precious children. If anyone else is interested there is a video of one of the creches here Blog post about the creche distribution (I hope you don't mind that I've linked)

Laurie Fortier said...

Thank you so much snug as a bug! I'm thrilled that you shared the link!

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