Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Just a short message today to wish you a wonderful weekend, be it Easter, spring or something else you celebrate! It's a four day holiday here in Canada. For us, a time for family, so I've promised to stay away from the computer!

I do want to share some wonderful news though. Sonya of the amazing Kanelstrand blog has asked me to join her team of contributing authors. I was honored to say yes! So, on the first Friday, of the month you will find me at Sonya's! Today is my first day. I've started with an Easter knitting DIY that anyone can do. Please stop by!

I tried to find a cute Easter video on Youtube to share with you. But nothing was the right one. I leave you instead with these pictures of our menagerie that my daughter Jackie took today!

Sapphire our oldest
Spot (Star Trek the Next Generation fans will understand the name!)
Ficelle (string, it's cuter in French!) She's our Ragdoll princess!
And, Rusty, our latest addition. He's only four months old, but his points will be red!



Isobel said...

Happy Easter, too, Laurie! Congrats on your elevation to Kanelstrand's guest blogging team! Well deserved.

Sm not posting at the moment, as I've screwed up and am trying to get things right. Probably have to wait till after Easter, but am working on getting back on stream a.s.a.p. Am suffering serious withdrawal symptoms!

Have a great week-end: love the pussies - can't say there's a favourite for me! I'm Grandma to 3 moggies and just welcomed a rescued "All Spare Parts" - or "Saturday Night Special" or, maybe, even Heinz Hound: take your pick! Looking forward to seeing them all (and daughter and son-in-law too) in May!

Have a great Easter week-end! Isobel

Laurie Fortier said...

Thank you Isobel! Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the rest! We'll all be here waiting for you to come back!

Laurie Fortier said...

Thanks Lynette! She is a beauty. My husband has be caught getting up during the night to pet her!

Sonya Kanelstrand said...

I hope you have a lovely and brightly colored Easter weekend, Laurie. Thank you for the wonderful DIY on my blog! We need to share more of our knowledge, so that we can grow and inspire people!

And the cats... they remind me of my own cat and dog, who are long gone but I still keep them in my heart.

Hugs, my friend!

Melinda said...

Lol ~love the kitty photos! Isn't it great when your daughters take tons of photos and you get to use them? My girls are wonderful for that too! ;) I was just over at Kanelstrand and read your post, the cowl is gorgeous, I'll have to add it to my DIY list! ;)Wishing you a happy, happy Easter. :)

Laurie Fortier said...

Thanks Melinda! It is nice to have them helping us!

A very happy Easter to you and the whole family!

Taylor Lynn said...

Happy Easter, Laurie, and congratulations about being a guest blogger on Kanelstrand blog! That's exciting. :)

Also, your cats are GORGEOUS. Ficelle looks like a model cat, haha! I'm more of a dog person than a cat one...but these cats are adorable. ;) Thanks for sharing the pics! I hope you have a wonderful four-day holiday - I'm sending Easter hugs your way!

Additionsstyle said...

Congrats on your regular column on Sonya's blog. I look forward to checking out your monthly posts.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Happy Easter!

Everyday Inspired


Congratulations on your Kanelstrand blog - I love your cowl tutorial, it looks beautiful. Your cats are sooooo gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

Laurie Fortier said...

Thanks so much Taylor and Valerie! I hope you all had a great Easter too!

Laurie Fortier said...

Christmas pie crafts, Thanks so much for stopping by! You have a lovely blog too and I see you are a cat lover! I'll be by to see your kitties too!

Five Seed said...

Hi Laurie! I should've known you were a fiber artist based on your Knitter's Balm purchase! LOL! I LOVE knitting. I started spinning last year and though I don't do it much, I love it (I use a drop spindle). I also just learned to crochet last month...working on a scarf now! :)

Your blog is awesome - so beautiful! I look forward to following it!

Laurie Fortier said...

Thanks so much Yancy! Learning to spin and crochet are on my list too. You'll have to give me some tips!

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