Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another incredible week!

Knit-a-Squillion Challenge update. Wait until you see what I have received for Knit-a-Square this week!

Linda from New Jersey has joined us! She has made some beautiful felted squares. You can get a sneak peek here!

My local girls, Cathy and Sophie have each added one new square.

Sophie trying new stitches. Lovely!

Cathy's first crochet square!

M. Irving from South Carolina sent in 9 squares.
Beautiful, soft and warm!

Kalya Beth from Tennesse sent in 8 squares.
Gorgeous, spring garden colors!

Arlene from Arizona sent in 7 squares. 
Beautiful and super "boy" colors!
Britta from Louisianna sent in 7 squares.
Lovely colors!
The amazing mother-daughter team of Cathy and Joan sent in 45 more squares. You ladies are incredible!
So many colors and patterns. Each one more lovely than the next!

Finally, a lovely lady named Valerie from Ontario sent 13 squares, 14 hats, 2 go overs (as we call them!) and 5 of the cutest teddy bears I have ever seen!

We have added a total this week of 91 squares

This brings our total number of squares to...

415 squares!

Just under one month left in our challenge and only 85 squares to go! I know we will make it!

Your generosity overwhelmes me and at the same time gives me so much hope! 
Thank you all so very, very much!!

**If I have made any mistakes with names or numbers, I do appologize and hope you will let me know so I can correct my records! Thank you!


Taylor Lynn said...

Wow, how incredible! Those squares are all so gorgeous - and those teddy bears are adorable. ;) It really looks like you'll make your goal, Laurie - you're definitely closing in! Good luck - and great job to everyone!

Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Oh my, stunning numbers. A proof that you need to state your dream out load and no matter how impossible it seems it will come true! And I am yet to send you mine..

Melinda said...

WOW!! That is fantastic to see how many have jumped aboard and sent in contributions! They all look lovely and I can't wait to read your final post, it'll easily surpass your goal, I just know it! :)

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