Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hmmm, wasn't there a contest?

Well, yes there was! Life has been a bit overwhelming for me the last few weeks, but I am getting back on top of things!

Since I kept you in suspense for the total of the Knit-a-Squillion Challenge, I offered a $25 gift certificate from my yarn shop, Hands with Hearts to the person who guessed the closest to the total.

As it turns out, my daughter Cathy had the closest guess with 555.  To be fair,  we will be sending the $25 to Knit-a-Square (don't worry about Cathy, she has free acces to my shop! )!

Please keep knitting and crocheting. I will be announcing a new challenge soon!

Remember, it's winter in South Africa!



Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Oh, that number is so special, isn't it! 555! You go ahead, and we'll follow you!

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